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Sorry, we're not accepting new trades right now

- I get an email when you signup for a trade, no need to contact me, i will enable your site after review if complying with the following rules.

- Trades are based on productivity. Since my sites are no skim (100% to galleries) you need to climb up my toplists to receive traffic. So.. if you request a trade start sending some traffic, low prod sites won't be enabled.

- Your site needs to have a toplist where i can see who you're trading with and if they're in facts trading with you!

- Your site must not contain anything related or possibly related to CP, included photoshopped thumbs to make actors and actresses look younger. The Lighthouse Network considers the word "Teen" as an online figure of speech representing girls starting from 18 year old up to around 25-27 year old.

- No cheating (no virus, no trojans, no hitbotting).

- If I see the Juicy Ads ad in the center of the screen when I open your site, the trade won't be enabled.

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